Don’t fret, get it on the net!

A lot of us ladies love clothing. Be it shoes, a dress, a cute top: we feel elated at the thought of ripping off the tags with a satisfying snap and co-ordinating our outfit accordingly. And of course, the coupe de grace, receiving a compliment about the purchase.

Yet that part is only half the fun. The actual act of obtaining the item is a thrill too. I remember as a teenager at sixth form, when I’d receive my monthly stipend, my friends and I would organise trips to Valletta or Sliema to go shopping.

In my twenties, it was the height of Internet usage and many people discovered EBay and online shopping in general. A lot of people I knew were using this new channel for obtaining what seemed to be everything under the sun.

I had to try it. I got myself a credit card and started out safe: a perfume.

Within ten days, they miraculously arrived at my doorstep. I didn’t have to catch a bus, nobody had to find parking and I did it all while wearing my pyjamas.

A few tips, however. I personally would never buy shoes off the net, unless you are absolutely certain of brand and size. Also, I avoid jeans or fitted trousers, as those are things you must really try on for size.

Also, be careful when ordering from America, as I’ve often had to pay something extra as a customs fee on delivery.

Yes, the social element is gone, and I’ve had a few fitting disasters, but I’m a total convert!

All hail the online shopping queen! Is that the postman?