A New Season, A New Handbag

The first rain has come and gone and the new season beckons… this is the time when shops sell off any remaining summer stock and prepare for the new winter season. This is also the time when a lot of us start making lists as to what we have decided we truly need and must buy for the new season.

I can’t exactly pinpoint the reason why with every new winter season comes a burning desire for a new handbag.

I wonder if this is something ingrained in me from my school days back when the new school term meant a new school bag. I remember clearly, how every year on the first day back at my all-girls school, the thought in every girl’s head was, ‘who has the best satchel?’ Debates were held, and small arguments broke out, each girl of course declaring hers to be by far the best. After that came the stationery debate, of course, and I think I remember some shoe conversations too but the most important item of discussion was always the bag. There was one particular year when my mother insisted that replacing my still in-perfect-condition satchel was a ridiculous waste of money and I therefore had to keep using the same one for another year. I remember being utterly displeased and unamused at this notion of re-use and vowed to ensure it would no longer be usable the subsequent year – needless to say, I lost the competition that year, the other girls were just as unamused.

So is it any wonder that if, at a mere 8 years old, girls are already making such a big deal about their school bags that a large majority of female adults are so handbag-crazy?

I consider myself to be quite the bargain hunter, nothing excites me quite like the possibility of a fantastic sample or outlet sale and I very rarely fork out huge sums of money on clothes, but when it comes to handbags, all bets are off, that’s when my common sense no longer prevails, when the madness grips me, when my mouth waters and when I completely and utterly succumb. I succumb, that is, to that beautiful smell of leather, to that masterful craftsmanship, to the beauty that is a finely made leather handbag.

So here we are once more, the new season is here again and whilst my days of going back to school are long gone by, my thirst and desire for a new bag is still as strong as ever. So all that remains is to decide which one it shall be…and this must be given ample thought because the desire for the best one continues to prevail.