WIN A Traditional Hammam (Turkish Bath)!


A Turkish Bath or Hammam, is an ancient bathing ritual that is as popular today as it was then. The Hammam is an impressive room, tiled with antibacterial marble, exquisitely hand-crafted and featuring a large dome, several basins and a heated marble platform at the centre. This is not just a place of cleansing but also a tranquil space where one enjoys quality time with loved ones, in a serene atmosphere, whilst allowing daily stress to simply melt away. A visit to the Hammam is always a feast for the senses.

Some benefits of a Turkish Bath: Full relaxation and complete care of face and body. Relief of muscular tension as well as treatment for “heavy legs” and “stiff backs”. Elimination of toxins. Improved blood circulation. Skin hydrating.

WIN A Traditional Hammam Exfoliation, Foam Massage and Hair Shampooing.

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