Trend alert! Velvet Skin

Even just saying “velvet skin” makes me want to whip out my products and start creating this look right away! It sounds so appealing, I think it’s because when I hear the word ‘velvet’ I automatically think of luxury and a beautiful smooth texture and this is what the look is all about. Velvet skin is another backstage trend which was popular at fashion week for Autumn/Winter 2o13 and I will definitely be going for this skin finish for this season. I do love a dewy satin finish but I also like to change it up to keep my look fresh and different.

Velvet skin is basically good coverage with a demi matte finish, so to create this look you need to ditch the “dewy” skin from last spring and summer and work a bit differently with your products. Here are some steps to create this gorgeous look:

When your skin is clean and moisturized, apply a primer if desired.

Apply a medium coverage foundation (try to avoid ones with light reflectors, remember we are not going for a dewy finish).

Now you can apply your concealer where needed and brighten under the eyes with a colour corrector if necessary.

Using a powder brush or sponge, press powder into the skin to finish your skin, I find mineral powders are great for this finish as we only want a slight sheen to the skin and don’t want it completely matte and lifeless.

No blush is fine for this look but if you like to flush a bit, apply something sheer and do it sparingly.

With a powder brush, sweep a matte bronzer in to the hollows of your cheeks, round the temples and along the jawline to make your face more dimensional and to add some warmth to the skin.

It might sound like a heavy look, but trust me it’s not; it is just creating a different finish to your skin, and you actually end up using less than when trying to create a natural glow, in my opinion. This is an oily skin’s dream but don’t worry, if yours is dry and you want to achieve this look, you only need to make sure your skin is well prepped and only apply powder where needed. You can even purchase foundations which set to a powder finish so that you can skip the powdering step.

Authored by Kim Kiernan