Keeping Slim and Trim at University

Recently started uni? Well, moving from a secondary to tertiary institution is one of the definite signs that you are getting older, but how do you make sure you don’t get fatter too? My friend Shaniqua from the States recently sent me an e-mail, halfway through which she told me about her daughter’s fear of the freshman fifteen.

“Freshman, what?” I asked her.

Of course, this whole conversation just happened in my head. I have no friend called Shaniqua, although now I really wish I did! The freshman fifteen, unfortunately, is no myth though. Statistics have shown that many freshers gain, on average, 6 kilos (15 pounds, hence the name ‘freshman fifteen’) during their first year at university.

The reasons why are not so hard to decipher: being a university student is stressful. I remember the days when I was trying to juggle lectures, my assignments, a job, a social life and my boyfriend’s jewels. More often than not I’d find myself at some little burger joint every few hours devouring something greasy and misshapen before I went to where I was expected next. It wasn’t conducive to a tiny waistline.

Below, however, is a simple yet effective regime that will make sure you don’t gain weight. I only wish I had found out about this earlier in life!

Cardio! Doing cardio is a great way of keeping weight off and stress at bay. If you’re not into gyms, go for a jog three to six times a week or join a tennis club. In other words, do something, and I don’t want to hear that you don’t have time to exercise. When I was at uni I made time for three boyfriends at one point, and still found the hours to work on my pelvic floor muscles.

Top Tip: Jumping rope (or on the spot) for 15 minutes burns more calories than jogging for 15 minutes.

Weights! Shaping your body will make you feel amazing, particularly during the summer months when you’ll have to strip down for a swim. Experts suggest that you need to do eight to 12 exercises twice a week – so squats, push-ups etc. Do it for two weeks and you’ll love the result so much you won’t want to stop! And that’s an Evelyn-guarantee!

Top Tip: Always start small and build up, be it with reps or with weights.

Flexibility! If you want to try out those Kama Sutra positions I wrote about a couple of weeks ago with someone you’ve met at uni, you will need to be flexible. This can be achieved very easily by always stretching before and after your workout – which will also reduce the risk of injury during the workout.

Keep a Routine: Yes, keeping a routine is hard, but you only have to persevere for 28 days as after that it becomes a habit and as such is much easier to maintain!

Sex: Sex burns loads of calories! Have lots of it but make sure you stay safe!