Interview with DEO GRECH

Where do you live:- Kalkara

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Libra

Main occupation:- Head of School 

Media-related occupation:- Host and Producer of Eurovision Radio (Wednesdays, 20:15 on ONE Radio)

DEO GRECH graduated from the University of Malta in 1997 as a B.Ed.(Hons.) teacher and later pursued a career as a Peripatetic Drama Teacher within the Drama Unit. Around five years ago, he was promoted to Assistant Head of school and few weeks ago he was promoted to the post of Head of School in a state government school. This December he will be celebrating his second graduation together with his PGDEL colleagues from the University of Malta.

Away from his profession, Deo always dreamt of being involved in the local media. In 1997 he was approached to form part of a team of new presenters on the Sunday afternoon marathon-TV show on One TV (Super 1 TV, back then). Since then he never looked back. He got involved in script writing as well – with IPOKRITI being one of his most successful achievements as a script writer. However, people nowadays associate Deo more to the Eurovision scene thanks to ”Eurovision Radio” (ONE Radio for the past 13 years); ”Eurovision Fever” (on ONE TV). Currently he is also the PR and Media co-ordinator for the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija.

Do you wear boxers or briefs? Why such preference?

Actually I wear boxer-briefs – they are more comfortable than briefs, but not too loose like boxers.

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

Music, books, IT – in that order. Music ranks first because following the Eurovision from the actual arena, which involves travelling, accommodation, the actual tickets and the various memorabilia which I end up carrying in my luggage is an expensive hobby.

What would you never buy?

A MINI-minor! I won’t fit in it! Haha :)

Describe the best moment of your holiday so far?

Must have been Barcelona – Summer 2011. Away from it all. No mobile, no emails, no Facebook – nothing but relaxation. Miles of sandy beaches, beautiful people around me, the hop-on hop-off tours, Sagrada Familia, the Flamenco nights, Park Guell, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, the food, the music, the language…

How would you define your style?

Suit and tie for work, casual with my friends, smart casual on TV… excessively relaxed at home!

What do you prefer:- women or cars? And why?

Give me my best buddies any time! Open-minded, hassle-free and relaxed!