Your Yoni Does Not Need A Knife


Ladies, do you know the difference between your vulva and your vagina? If you don’t, the vulva is the whole genital area, while the vagina is the inside passage. How much nicer to call the vulva your yoni, the name used in Indian/Hindu culture where it is considered to be the Temple of the Goddess, worshipped and treated with respect.

You may be surprised to know that before sex and genitals became taboo topics, and a matter of shame and guilt, images of yoni in stone had been carved in many western-world churches. Check ( No two yonis look the same, varying in shape and colour, a uniqueness that belongs to you.

And your own yoni… Do you know what it looks like, un-aroused, aroused?

Perhaps you still have one like a girl, or perhaps after sexual activity and childbirth the inner lips (labia) protrude a little, or a lot. One woman said that it is like having a penis and many go to plastic surgeons to have them trimmed back to be like a girl again.


Those lips are very exciting to many men, visually and to touch, and greatly enhance oral sex possibilities that a man has with you. There is a “magic mouth” waiting to take you to bliss. If they create a bulge in your panties – let a man be thrilled by that and be proud.

What do other women think? Compare with a best friend or join a group of women who will talk openly about sexuality and genitalia. Perhaps photograph them so that you can see what you look like from another angle… unique and special!!

Please do not go for the surgeon’s knife. You really don’t need it. It is far better to spend the money on taking a special man to some paradise island to worship yoni at your natural temple.

And pubic hair? A personal preference… but again, most men are stimulated by seeing the yoni, not imagining it behind an untidy bush. Completely hair-free is very sexy for men and women alike. To be vulnerable to let yourself be shaved by your man is part of the erotic experience.