Interior Design Trends 2013/14

Adding raw pieces to the space such as wood, eases out the sharpness that black can bring. Photo courtesy of Technologically retarded. Forget digital, its all about mechanical. Photo courtesy of Having fun with marble – Mathieu Lehanneur shows us how! Photo courtesy of Michael Anastassiades’ ‘String Lights’ for Flos exuberates minimalism in its element. Photo courtesy of Pistacchio greens, powder blues and cupcake pinks have gone from baby to brilliant.

Just like fashion season starts in September, this is also true for interior design. Trends are introduced through a number of factors such as exhibitors’ showcases and our society’s lifestyle.

Here is my pick of my favourite décor trends for the coming season!


For any of you who practice minimalism in your homes, this first trend is right up your street! Cord lighting is already in practice but now we are moving on to even thinner, finer cables in pendant lighting, as Michael Anastassiades shows us in his creation ‘String Lights’ for Flos. The style used isn’t just about fine lines but also geometric shapes. The cords follow a somewhat linear path and the light features are spherical or triangular in shape. This is what I call cutting edge!


Marble has been a major trend this last year, but now French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is delving into the realms of the unseen and exhibiting the impossible.

With his showcase of ‘Liquid Marble’, which was shown during Milan Design Week 2013, we can see the combination of marble, water and light and the transformation of a liquid element being made out of something as solid as stone.


Never mind your steak, we are taking the plunge into raw-looking spaces. Up until now we have only been able to handle an industrial chair or table in a room, but this year we are going all out with bolts, nuts and wires! Basically, we’re letting it all hang out!


Moving on to your softer, sweeter self, pastels are back on trend since Barbie’s dollhouse. The trick to keeping the look sophisticated! Add in your greys to neutralise the amount of happiness these colours offset! Geometric patterns also work well with this trend as it gives it a sharper finished look.


Colours are always great but since there’s been a knack for matte black in cars (clearly inspired by Batman’s transportation unit), this trend has now transpired to interiors. Adding raw pieces to the space such as wood, eases out the sharpness that black can bring.


Emerald Green was the colour for 2013, now it looks like we’re getting the blues, and the best thing about it is that it’s a super easy colour to layer so you can really have fun with it!

Organic curves, geometric shapes and raw materials are also on trend this season.