Cum on Lets Break a Record!

Ania Lisewska is a woman on a mission.

Like James Bond.

And what a mission it is.

The 21 year Pole is attempting to travel to every city in the world in order to have sex with 100,000 men.

(I’ve got a great joke about ‘golden guns’ but I’d better not use it here.)

Ania, has a long term boyfriend who was not especially happy with her quest (wonder why) but has “had to come (!) to terms with it.” As you do.

Lisewska began her quest in Warsaw a few weeks ago, aiming to conquer Poland first (a bit like Hitler with more foreplay) before taking on the world. And whilst we can only salute her …erm stamina, there do seem to be a number of holes (you are so immature) in the story.

Apart from her website not working and her Facebook postings only consisting of different reports of the actual story rather than any updates on her endeavours – the maths does not add up.

Doing it with 100,000 people and taking 20 minutes a pop would take over 3.8 years. And that is without stopping for water. Or lube. Ania meanwhile has said that she only wants to do it on the weekends, which according to one Polish website means that it will take her nearly twenty years to reach her goal.

So she won’t be having a boring Sunday morning for a while!