Eating Out Alone

‘Table for one…’

There is a certain stigma placed on people who enjoy performing ‘social’ activities alone. For some people, the idea of eating out alone can be daunting and awkward. Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to, but why not?

You may be eating alone because you can’t be bothered with cooking or because you want to get out. You may be eating alone because you’re travelling on business or for pleasure alone. We seem a little green about this idea on our little island, with some waiters or maitre d’ still raising an eyebrow when you ask for a table for one.

Look around you in any cosmopolitan city and people are eating alone, walking alone, sitting and reading alone. They’re even talking to themselves (but that’s a different matter altogether). If you’re not comfortable with your own company, just your own company, you’re certainly missing out.

This is your chance to do things that would otherwise be considered rude under other social circumstances. Read the paper, do a crossword puzzle, write, lavish over your meal, people watch, wink at the cutie who ordered way too much food and is preoccupied with his mobile… chat to the sweet old couple sitting beside you, sort out your appointments, learn your favourite poem off by heart whilst munching at your salad… don’t share dessert, be quiet, be still, stare… zone out without apology. 

Dining with ‘me’ can be a delicious experience. Try it!