The Next Big Thing in Beauty, CC Creams

Just like the alphabet, ‘C’ comes after ‘B’, so after the BB Cream phenomenon, we now have CC Cream to add to our collection of facial lotions and potions.

CC Cream stands for Complexion Corrector and being lighter than BB Cream, it falls more into the skin care category. In general terms, CC Creams offer the combined benefits of cutting edge skin care and flawless foundation coverage in one easy to use product. Many CC Creams offer SPF protection and are packed with beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, anti-ageing or collagen-building substances, as well as skin brightening and oil control benefits. All CC Creams offer moisturizing benefits and some level of pigmentation.

Therefore, CC Creams can be used short-term for an instant skin fix but long-term use can lead to them correcting your complexion. There are different formulations available on the market to cater for different skin types and conditions such as redness and hyper-pigmentation or simply to brighten up dull complexions, there really is a CC Cream for everyone!

Who has already tried CC Cream? Would you recommend it?