My space – your space

free hugs..

Do you ever feel that someone is occupying your “space”? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable when some people hug you, but it is fine when others do. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable even in their company?

Beyond our physical body are energy bodies which mostly we can’t see (some see light outlines), and with sensitivity and practice we can feel the energy of someone else beyond their physical body. It is similar to the energy you can feel between your hands and in Tai-chi where you see people moving a ball of energy between the hands.

Your energy field can be quite close to you, if you are “closed” or depressed, and can extend a few metres when you are “open” and happy.

That is why you feel uncomfortable when someone emitting bad energy comes into your energy field.

Recognising this we can “close ourselves” or move away, from energy which does not feel good.

At the same time we should be aware of our energy entering someone else’s energy field. Think of it like the boundary of your garden, by wall, fence or hedge (your energy limit), and your home in there (your physical body).

You don’t want people walking around your garden uninvited.

Be conscious too of crossing someone’s border in other ways, like photographing them if they don’t want it, or posting things they don’t want on their Facebook wall.

Your sensitivity to others will be appreciated, as will their sensitivity to you.