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Where do you live:- Zurrieq

Status:- Separated and a mum of a 7 years old boy – Luca

Star Sign:- Cancer

Main occupation:- Duty Manager at Hilton

Media-related occupation:- Producer/Presenter of INDIGO on ONE
MARIKA CARUANA SMITH started working in the media when she was in her early 20s as a ‘valletta’ on Burdati which used to be aired on Super One with Alfred Zammit. Then she moved into Sports media and spent 7 years reporting on football and basketball in a weekend sports programme, again on Super One. She had to stop sports reporting for a while since she used to work as Cabin crew with Air Malta and she couldn’t avoid flights over the weekend to attend matches. After a break of 7 years, Marika returned to TV, this time on Favourite Channel, when she was approached by Karl Bonaci to present a weekly magazine programme.

“It was a new challenge for me, but quite satisfying which I enjoyed doing, it was called Bejnietna. It was followed by a summer fun programme consisting of pool games called DnD (Dolls n Dudes) and in the next schedule I produced another weekly magazine programme MIXKLA. Other programmes I produced and presented on Favourite Channel were Misto and Cachet. Last year I moved back to my origins, that is ONE, when I started off with the summer programme Gazebo where I used to host personalities for lunch at the Merkanti Beach Club, Hilton. It was fun and refreshing, ideal for summer. Then in Winter I presented a short Saturday afternoon programme, Ttime, during which I had guests over for tea and some gossip. The location we were shooting from was the Portomaso Tower at Club 22. And now, this summer I am presenting INDIGO every Monday afternoon. I simply love these kind of magazine programmes because besides meeting different personalities and professionals I get to learn a lot as well. In life there’s always something new to learn and that is a blessing. And I love to share information with others, that’s a great satisfaction for me. Well, I must say, I’m glad to be back on ONE, I feel at home there and working with the crew and Management is like being in one big family. We work as a team and we have fun as well during the programmes!”

Marika is quite ambitious and an adventurous person and a dreamer as well. She likes to see the bright side of life, that doesn’t mean her life is all roses, however. She believes that life is too short to make a drama out of it.

“Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have, our surroundings, our loved ones until we find ourselves in a bad situation. We tend to moan for every single issue, mind you I do have my down moments too, but I try and look up and think of other people who are suffering from any illness or who have lost their loved ones and I feel better. I lead quite a busy life with work, home and media but I love it, it keeps me busy and my life is full. I prefer it this way then having nothing to do. I try to balance my roles as much as possible so that I don’t lack in any of them and being a mum is quite tough at times, however for me it’s a blessing – the best thing that ever happened to me” – stated MARIKA CARUANA SMITH in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Would you buy an expensive car, or would you prefer the same amount of cash in your bank account?

Hehehehe, I think I’d try and bargain, if it’s worth it I’d get a nice car, but at the end I’d prefer some extra cash.

What’s the best bargain you have ever made?

Hmmmmm good question, best bargain ever… can’t think of anything in particular, however I do get bargains for clothes and shoes. One good bargain I got was on a flight ticket! That’s something I look out for since I love travelling.

Which three things would you save from a fire in your house?

A small box I have with my son’s cards/crafts he made for me, my mobile – but I guess it will be in my pocket or in my hands – and my sentimental value jewellery box. In the end I guess nothing is more important than life itself, however, so I would just make myself safe and obviously, prior to all, my son.

What do you enjoy most about fashion?

I like to keep up-to-date with fashion, however I believe that everyone has got his own particular look irrelevant of what’s in fashion. I have clothes that I’ve had for ages and they still look good, for me it’s more about of what suits you best and how you mix and match. Fashion comes and goes, but class is permanent. However, I am quite a fanatic about bags and shoes, like most women I guess!

How do you relax and get away from it all?

In summer a day by the pool/beach or a short break somewhere away from the island. In winter I love staying in, cooking and partying cosy on my sofa watching a good movie J

What is it that you cannot live without?

First and foremost my son Luca as, even though he’s more than a handful, I can’t imagine my life without him. Something material I think would be… a car. When I had it for repairs I was going crazy, I don’t like being dependant on others.