The Next Big Thing In Beauty.. Micellar Water

Lately, we are coming across brands advertising something called Micellar Cleansing Water. Without any doubt, questions arise about what it is and in what way does our skin benefit when using it. How does micellar cleansing water differ from regular water? And what do these companies put in it to make it micellar?

Well, the aim of this article is to explain what micellar water is and ultimately, whether you should splash out on it or not.

First things first, any product that contains a detergent (aka surfactant) can be termed micellar water.

Now let’s have a look at micelles. Micelles are spherical liquid crystals that form spontaneously when a surfactant reaches a certain concentration in water. Surfactants (or detergents) are essentially little chemical bridges with one end that loves water and the other end that loves oil. Therefore when such molecules are put in water, the oil-loving ends want to get away from the water, thus spherical blobs, known as micelles form spontaneously.

What makes micelles ideal make-up removers, besides the fact that they inactivate common irritating ingredients, is that they are really good in trapping small quantities of oil that can then be easily washed away.

Most of these products contain mild non-ionic surfactants that lather very little, hence giving the feel of a cleanser but not necessarily a traditional type of cleanser. So perhaps the marketing catch for these products is that they look and act more like water than a traditional high-foaming cleanser. Thereby if you’re looking for a mild, low-lathering face wash, micellar water may be just the thing for you. But don’t be tricked into spending a ton of money just because of the micelles.

And there you have it! Have you ever tried micellar water? Let us know what you think!