The Maxi Guide for the Petite

Since I verge on the short side, I tended to chicken out from wearing maxi dresses and skirts. However, this summer I decided to try something different with my look and trying on a maxi dress was first on my list. And guess what?! I loved it and I’m dying to fill my wardrobe with maxis, be it dresses or skirts.

I was under the impression that longish dresses and skirts would definitely not flatter my height and actually make me look shorter. However, if you pick the right style and shape, this will no longer be the case.

Here are some tips on how petite girls and women can wear maxis and still look their best!

1. If you don’t shy away from a slim fitted dress, this could be one of your best options. However, if you’re more into the long and flowing dresses and skirts, try wearing a belt around your waist to help compliment your figure.

2. Don’t be scared to experiment with patterns and colours. Solid shades can work really well if you pair them up with bold accessories such as a statement necklace or bulky bracelets. If you’ve decided on a patterned look, keep the accessories on a low profile and let the patterns stand out for themselves.

3. Try wearing heels if you want to add that extra bit of height. Wedges look great on a maxi dress or skirt and on the plus side, no one would be able to identify if it’s your actual height or just your wedges! If you’re looking for a more casual look, flats will give you just the laid-back and relaxed feel that you need.

4. Try out different looks with the same maxi such as wearing a denim waistcoat with a maxi dress or a baggy sweater with a maxi skirt. This way you can keep your look fresh and versatile.

There you have it! Hope this helps you fellow petite ladies to brave the maxi look!