Sartorial Trend Spotlight: Pink Is The New Black

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Forget everything you thought you knew about pink… it’s time to give your wardrobe a pink-over! This fall/winter will be brighter (as far as fashion is concerned) and more girly than ever as pink takes over the new season collections. From the brighter fuchsia to the muted blush pinks, here are a few ideas how you can incorporate 50 shades of pink in your style choices! (image1)

First up is my personal favourite, probably because I have been looking at that bomber jacket for far too long! Bomber jackets are really in right now in all sorts of prints and this one has some hot pink accents, the same colour as the trousers. This will make two stand-out pieces blend together effortlessly. Top it off with metallic pumps to give the outfit a spin!

If you’re lower body conscious, pink trousers may not be made for you, however, don’t shy away from the trend; try pairing your trusty jeans with a denim shirt (earning you style points for rocking the double denim trend) and accent with pink accessories such as jewellery or a satchel and shoes. (image2)

Fuchsia dress? Check. Perspex clutch? Check. Colour-blocking? Check. (image3)

Result! Stylish and on-trend outfit in no time! Kudos for the Perspex clutch bad if you’re fashion-forward enough to rock it!

And lastly, an elegant look for more formal settings. Opt for a tailored coat in a softer shade of pink and pair it with complementing tones of stone and blush. Black accessories will pull the outfit together and give it a more professional touch! (image4)