It’s Getting Closer! Miss Malta Final Night

The final night of Miss Malta is nearly here!

The last two programmes focused on Nikki Zarb Cousin, Beckie Nurton, Natalya Galdes and Jessica Borg, Jade Cini , Francesca Gauci. Of the six girls Jade and Jessica have undergone the biggest transformations. Both have lost a lot of weight, Jade has had a haircut that has drastically changed her appearance and Jessica has a lot more confidence. Francesca has also lost weight but her overall appearance hasn’t changed as much.

The twelve girls who have been preparing themselves and their appearance for all these weeks will now compete against each other for the title of Miss Malta.

There are actually two judged competitions, one of which has already come and gone – the swimsuit competition was held this week. It was decided that the swimsuit competition should be conducted behind closed doors as parading in front of a large audience in a swimsuit might make some of the girls feel uncomfortable. The second competition is of course the main one – the final night. On the day preparations will start from several hours prior to the start of the show and I am sure there will be tension and excitement galore!