Stringing up the face

We constantly do our best to look good… we watch what we eat and exercise to have a tight body, we apply sunblock and expensive cosmetics but unfortunately, at a certain point in our lives our faces betray us! Once the fat pads on our cheeks lose their grip on the bone below, and facial muscles start losing tone, the face starts sagging. Certainly a very common habit is to pull the sides of the face backwards with our hands and dream of being rejuvenated… We get filled with nostalgia and for a moment we pretend the downward pull never really happened. When the face experiences that laxity one might immediately assume that a surgical face lift is the only solution.  This is not true!

Non-Surgical Thread lifting is now available to clients who do not wish to go under the knife but achieve the same results. This does not only sound amazing but it is in fact an incredible, very innovative treatment which offers great results. A double-ended thread with cones is inserted where the lift is desired, it is tightened like a purse string until the cones get stuck in the fat under the skin and shrinking of the overlying skin occurs over the next couple of weeks! What’s more is that it is made of poly-L lactic acid, which offers a double action: it does not only lift the skin, but it also stimulates more collagen to be produced.

Once the tiny cones are in place a couple of dimples are visible for 2 weeks on the skin. One, two or three pairs of threads can be used depending on the area which one needs to lift.

What we call liquid face-lifts done with Botox or Dermal Fillers can target specific areas of the face, but sometimes what a client might need is an actual lift which is now possible!

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