One Stop Shop for Parenting Advice

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the very best in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting advice from just one source?

And wouldn’t it be even better if viewers could participate in live TV discussions over the phone and have their questions and difficulties answered by experts on the spot?

Produced and presented by Claire Agius Ordway, ‘Dak li jghodd’ promises to be exactly that and more.

Dak li jghodd’, means ‘what really matters’ when raising children.

Whilst offering a wealth of information for those preparing to start a family and those who are expecting or already have children, the programme also aims to serve as a guide to all parents and caregivers.

Good parenting is not just about tending to children’s physical and material needs, but also about providing them with a warm, safe and loving environment; a platform to help them grow as individuals and instill in them important values such as helping, respecting others and sharing.

Being a good parent, also involves showing children the distinction between right and wrong, helping them build self-respect and self-esteem and teaching them the right behaviour for different occasions in life.

Claire’s previous programme ‘Hajja’ was a huge success but her new show promises to be bigger and better! Not only will it be live and longer in duration, but viewers can look forward to a jam-packed hour of informative and educational features, practical and professional tips, cookery sessions, competitions and loads of surprises.

‘Dak li jghodd’ commences on 1st October and will be aired every Tuesday at 5.45pm to 7pm on ONE.