Back to the 90’s

Snapbacks, oversized plaid shirts, denim overalls, crop tops, and topknots. Open any magazine, visit any fashion blog, multimedia or inspiration platform, and you’ll probably come across one of the above. What do they all have in common besides being this season’s must-haves and trends? Born and bred in the 90’s!

Coming from the 80’s era, and with a pretty cringe-worthy, fashion-dodgy teenage past, the images that flash in front of my eyes and my automatic response to 90’s fashion, is just one word. Actually two:  Colossal Fads.

Funnily enough, what I used to see as fads, 15 years ago, have turned out to be my favourite and must-haves for this year’s Autumn/winter season (I a self-confessed fashion victim, just in case you haven’t noticed).

From Chanel’s and Zara’s use of plaid this season, to Miley Cyrus doing her best Gwen Stefani impression in her topknots, to the MET gala taken over by grunge, to Rihanna rocking fanny packs and denim overalls, it seems like the 90’s all over again! And who said time machines don’t exist?