Former Miss America: The Shadow Beneath the Glamour


Whilst we may think that winning a pageant – being treated like a queen and pampered with the best hair maintenance, make-up and gowns – might be a dream come true, some might find it so overwhelming that it sometimes backfires, and badly. Being in the public eye, public figures are daily scrutinized and criticised for their attitude, appearance and behaviour.

And it seems that former Miss America 2011 had her bad days as well.

A former Miss America winner, Teresa Scanlan, has spoken out recently on a television interview about her struggle with depression, which left her contemplating suicide. Crowned in 2011 at the age of 17, she says public criticism and back-to-back engagements led to a mounting pressure that ultimately became too much to bear.

“I was just falling apart and very strongly contemplating jumping off the top.” she confessed.

At 17, the Miss Nebraska native, was the youngest to win the title in more than 70 years, an achievement which made her proud at that time. But the pressure from the public eye throughout her year of reign, finally got the better of her and she fell into a depression.

“To some people I was too conservative, to some I was too liberal. To some people I’m too pretty, to some I’m too ugly,” she continued.

Today, Miss Scanlan has happily turned over a new leaf and is currently taking medication to treat her depression. She hopes that talking about her experience will help others who are in similar situations.

Now, at 19, Miss Scanlan is trying to live a normal life, and has just begun her scholastic year at Patrick Henry College in Washington, D.C.