Fit Mommy

It is an easy excuse to not exercise when you are a mother. We know it all: feeding times, bath, play time, there is always something to be taken care of.

Let’s try to change it! Next time you are on a playground with your precious kid, look around and try to imagine what work-out could be done there.

There must be a ladder – perfect for stretching.

Did you notice a low wall? It would be prefect for launches, which tone up your tights and buttocks.

To work on your tummy, find a bench and do some crunches. If you repeat them every day, you will notice that the number of crunches you manage to do is growing rapidly.

On that same bench you can practice push ups. Even if you start with two or three, don’t get demotivated. Your arms will become stronger soon.

I am lucky and found a secluded, quiet playground, where every morning I am alone and can do my repetitions without any witnesses. And my son copies my moves and exercises with me!!