Miss Malta – Programme 8

After a two-week hiatus due to bad weather, Miss Malta returned last Monday with a fresh new location – the show was transmitted from inside the walls of the Studio Seven studio. I must say the set design was beautiful – really loved how colourful it all looked.

This programme focused on Maria Victoria Muscat, Mandy Micallef and Paula Calleja. As usual there were also different singers and some competitions and games with the girls having to create complicated flower designs and origami.

The fashion show for the night presented clothes from Debenhams and there were quite a few lovely styles with some of my favourites being a floral midi skirt worn by Mandy and a monochrome patterned dress worn by Sarah.

In the beauty team section we focused on how the style and looks of the three girls have evolved over the course of the competition. Paula’s style is the one that has undergone the most significant changes – her hair has gone shorter with a more fashionable cut, she has also lost weight and looked really good in the fashion show, displaying a lot of confidence in the manner in which she walked. Maria’s style has largely remained the same but her catwalk walk has also seen a marked improvement. Mandy also has not undergone any drastic changes but, for this programme, hair extensions were added to her hair and the extra length really suited her.

As we move closer to the final night the girls are of course getting more and more excited and competition is getting fiercer… who will win? Only two weeks to find out!