Interview with Moira Palmier

Name: Moira Palmier – of R.U.B.S. (Are You Being Served) fame.

Star SignTaurus

Occupation: Part time self employed Beauty Therapist

Age: 57

Do you prefer life (as we know it today) before technology, or now?

I’m not sure. I enjoyed life before technology took over, we used to socialize in person before, now its through our screens most of the time.

What describes you best in one single word?


What do you do in your free time?

What free time lol! I read, play games on the PC, play cards with friends, shop…

Do our modern computing devices augment education?

Yes I think they do.

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of Social Media Networks?

Pros, if used correctly Social Media Networks are the fastest way to spread the right messages, help where it is needed, educate and inform… unfortunately the same can be said for spreading the wrong message, harming someone with malicious gossip  using the same network to do harm because of hidden agendas, and I think some people have become more aggressive. They don’t realize or don’t think before they post as some of the things we read are shocking. I’d like to believe that certain things which are written in the privacy of a home would not be said face-to-face. It’s like a person lets go of certain inhibitions and I think many a time its not necessarily a good thing.

After setting up R.U.B.S, The Salott, The Kcina and others… what is next?

Hey you’re missing out… we have Rubs Property, Rubs Travel, Rubs Puppy Love and our very own Kamra tal Books, which I know many think is a silly name, but it still makes Francesca and I smile so we love it. We also have a phone app which is really doing great and picking up momentum… what is next… hmmmmm… many ideas in the pipeline we just need more time.

Would you fancy a romantic dinner or an adventurous climb?

At this point in my life a dinner, not necessarily romantic lol.

What do you prefer beach or snow?

Beach without a doubt. I love summer and our lovely beaches.

Do you like to serve or do you like being served?

Good question, I would say both in equal terms.