Facebook Love

When I got married, Facebook was still in its beginning stages. I was getting loads of friend requests, but basically ignoring them, not really trusting social media networking sites. I eventually gave in and one of the first ever pictures I posted was an ad hoc wedding photo of my husband and myself making gang signs. Cheesy, yes. However, the next day I logged on to my account and found fifty ‘Likes‘ and twenty-three comments.

Now I’m rather Facebook savvy and I find it a really great tool to keep in contact with people and to organise events. However, one thing I’m really surprised at is the impact it has had on dating and relationships.

My colleague who was not sure that her love interest felt the same way about her was ecstatic every time this man ‘Liked’ her status. She would check if he was ‘Active‘ online and if he had ‘Seen‘ her private messages.

I had another male friend who tried to make out as if he had a fabulous life of parties and social events and was plastering pictures of himself all over Facebook to make his ex jealous.

And of course, the infamous ask.fm.

In all honesty, I find it all quite complicated. Life is hard enough and yet we are striving to make it even more challenging through games and guess work.

When it comes to relationships, honesty and frank communication is key, at least that’s what I think. Or maybe I’m just growing old!