Interview with Tenishia

1. What inspired the name Tenishia?

This is actually a very common question we get but yet it proves the whole point why we chose the name. It really doesn’t have a meaning at all but sounded very catchy to us when we were looking for a name for our projects almost 10 years ago. One can say that it is actually a girl’s name and in fact Joven called his daughter Tenishia after we started using the name for our projects. So I think the only reason behind the name Tenishia is that it sounds interesting and catchy.

2. You must spend a lot of time together – do you always get along?

Ohh definitely not when it comes to food during our travels but yes we do get along. The time we have spent together in these last ten years is unimaginable and even though sometimes we do have different ideas we always agreed on the final results. Some people might think that everything in the studio is just plain sailing but we have worked through some stressful times. The international scene is very delicate, and since we are the very first from this country to stretch a DJ career this far, everything is always new to us, there is no one to help around. So getting along and helping each other was just natural.

3. What advice would you give your sixteen year old selves? And what advice have you got for local up and coming DJs?

Stop fooling around chasing the girls and get to the studio now! Hahaha. I wish I knew what I know now when I was sixteen, although we cannot argue about breaking into the international scene late as we still are quite young. The new generation has it much easier nowadays, firstly because things like computers and software are more available now, and secondly, I think we have broken the ice with that low self esteem approach young local musicians/DJs have towards the international scene. Besides, the more we grow in our career the easier we’ll be able to make it for local rising talent to breakthrough. So my few words of advice is that if you really love music and you are not doing this to get the girls or show off, go for it and don’t let anyone else tell you any differently. Do it in steps, one after the other, and you’ll succeed.

4. Do you prefer daytime festivals or the nightclub scene and why?

We like both! It is not the time of the day but the crowd that gives us the satisfaction at the end of the day. We’ve played at all sorts of time, from early morning to hot afternoons on the beach, to long late-night DJ sets in various clubs around the planet. To be honest we still cannot get it, how some people in Malta choose to go out very late only to stay for a couple of hours, as clubs have to shut down at 4am! Without getting into whether the law is fair or not, the argument still stands very clear… Why do some people go out at 1am and want to stay later than 4am, instead of going out at 7pm or 8pm like we use to do? We’d go back home at 4am and then wake up for another round on Sunday! We’ve seen events in other countries that start early in the afternoon, and bang on, on the hour when the doors open there are people waiting at the door.

5. What are your aspirations for the next few years?

Although the game is getting harder and harder we’d like to advance in our career and become one of the World’s top 10 DJs, nothing is impossible but yes, it’s not only down to how talented you are but also to the opportunities other people create for you and a whole lot of other things. At the moment we’re applying for a US visa as, in the following months, we’re looking into touring more in the US where the scene and the dance market are booming at the moment. |