Gluten-Free Diet

Having been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I literally thought I would be starving to death. Well, not quite! I’m still alive and kicking, with the major difference of eating and enjoying healthier meals. I won’t deny it… I’ve had to make huge adjustments to my eating habits but I’ve decided to approach the situation with a positive attitude and make the most of it.

Anyone allergic or following a gluten-free diet needs to look out for three main ingredients – wheat, barley and rye. Unless there is no cross contamination, you’re good to go.

The following products will definitely become your best friends after some time:

  • Fresh meat, poultry and fish (make sure none of these are marinated, batter coated or breaded)
  • Rice
  • Beans, nuts and seeds in their unprocessed form
  • Most dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables

Although the amount of gluten-free products you can find in most supermarkets are endless (more than I ever imagined), I found myself seeking healthier options, salads becoming my new delight. Nothing beats the traditional chicken Caesar salad (minus the dressing) and its close runner up, the scrumptious beef and veggie salad. You can always go for a gluten-free pasta salad, if you’re looking for a carb meal.

Being on a gluten-free diet, does not mean that your love and devotion for savoury things will be ravaged. There are a lot of inventive gluten-free recipes online. Personally, it helped me grow into a healthier person, diminishing my temptations for that brown chocolate fudge cake in the fridge!