The 5 Best Kama Sutra Positions

The good, old missionary and 69 are staples in any healthy sexual relationship but, if you’re hoping to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further than the ancient Sanskrit text of the Kama Sutra.

Believed to be the definitive text on human sexual behaviour, the Kama Sutra is more than simply a book about sex. In Hindu tradition, Kama is one of the four goals in life, this one focusing on achieving sexual and sensual gratification.

While researching this article I got my partner – always a very willing guinea pig when it comes to these sort of things – to try them out with me, and trust me…. they made me Kama and him Sutra.

Baithe baithe: For the OCD housewife out there, don’t worry it doesn’t involve any bathing or water! It’s rather a spin on the traditional cowgirl position (ie the woman being on top) and all you need is a comfortable chair. Get your man to sit on it, spread his legs, and relax. Your job is to then sit on him (obviously letting him penetrate you), move up and down, kiss him, caress his chest, and look him straight in the eyes. The chair’s compactness will bring you closer while giving you enough space to move – and, trust me, looking into your lover’s eyes while being at one with each other is one of the most mind-blowing feelings in the world.

Kamal ka phool: Although not necessarily sexual but rather an exercise of intimacy, the Kamal ka phool is wonderful, particularly because it involves yoga – and anything involving yoga can’t be bad for you, right? Get your partner (again, ideally the man) to get into the lotus position, sit in his lap facing him, wrap your legs tightly around his waist, kiss and rock backwards and forwards. This twist on the asana of the lotus position will drive your chakras wild. Alternatively, do it while his member is inside of you, the libido will be phlowing!

Ek karwat: Meta trid tkarwat xi ftit mar-ragel, look no further than this position. With both you and your partner lying on your sides facing each other, lower your crotch onto his and wrap your legs around each side of his torso. His job is then to wrap his own legs around your waist while you hold him tight and close. Let him penetrate you and see what happens – the nerve endings in your vajazzle will be writhing with pleasure. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Jangha vibhor: For those women out there who love feeling in control the Jangha vibhohohohohohohhhhr is perfection. Get your guy to lie on his back, stretch his legs and then bend his legs with his knees facing upwards (as if he were going to perform an ab crunch). Lower yourself onto his penis and rock back and forth or upwards and downwards. This position promises to give you an exceedingly good orgasm that will have you begging for more. (Don’t you just love it how one can go from being in control to begging for more in a matter of an orgasm?)

Kamar ka kamaal: While your man is lying in bed with his legs extended in front of him, go on top of him and, kneeling, straddle him (that means put your legs on either side of his torso, like you’d do while riding a horse or a kamaal) while letting his penis enter you. Arch into a backbend (yes, ladies, a backbend), rest your hand between his legs and grab a hold of his ankles or feet. The real fun, for you, begins once he thrusts forward!

Have any more favourite Kama Sutra positions? Tried any? Think you should stick to the traditional positions? Let us know!