Addictions – Yes, Hello Kitty Addictions!!

There is no doubt that Miss Kitty, or Hello Kitty as we better know her, is an icon. And I mean, every girly-girl thinks she is cute. What’s not to like in this little plush toy? She’s a cute little kitty, with no visible mouth, a tiny, yellow nose and bows on top of her head. A very sweet toy if you ask me, and I must admit I do have a few Hello Kitty objects, in my mountain of useless objects around my house, not to mention my daughter’s toys, but that’s another thing.

Yes, Sanrio made a massive hit with Hello Kitty, so much so, she is also Unicef’s ‘Special Friend of Children’. Released in the early 1970s, Hello Kitty has been taking the world by storm, especially recently, where one can get Hello Kitty bags (which are very expensive if you’re getting the real deal), Hello Kitty Mobile Phone Cases, and Hello Kitty everything. I have seen on numerous occassions, Hello Kitty tattoos, Nail Art featuring this pretty cat, and t-shirts and what not with Hello Kitty depicted on them. It is all part of the Hello Kitty trend, but in reality, people are literally getting obsessed with this little Kitty. And of course, as in everything in life, obsessions are unhealthy.

Speaking of unhealthy, we have one Hello Kitty fan who basically extracted a molar tooth and got it replaced with a Hello Kitty-face shaped tooth. Someone else decided to fix the paint work of their Ferrari, into a bright Fuschia, with Hello Kitty Decals all over the car. The number plate is also Hello Kitty approved, reading out at follows ‘HLOKTY’. Nice.

One Japanese couple had a Hello Kitty themed wedding, where everything, and I mean literally everything was, of course, Hello Kitty related. How the groom agreed to that, I honestly do not know. My husband was kind of put off when I suggested a pink theme, let alone, a Hello Kitty theme!

A house which looks exactly like a doll house would, with massive bows all over the façade of the house, is also in existence, and within this house, everything is Hello Kitty. Since we are mentioning houses, Asako Kanda who is from Japan has a Hello Kitty toilet seat. In fact Kanda, as of the 14th August 2011 had 4,519 different Hello Kitty items. God knows what else she has managed to collect in the past two years! And apart from that, she plans to have a Hello Kitty style funeral and a tombstone to match. How’s that for unhealthy obsessions!

Yes Sanrio have definitely hit the jackpot. From Hello Kitty theme parks, to Hello Kitty diamond studded statues worth over $125,000.00, Hello Kitty has definitely made an international hit. And how could have I forgotten? Hello Kitty Vibrators for a collector’s sexual pleasure – yes those exist too!

Well dear readers, as everything in life, one particular purchase of something which appeals to you, might turn into an addiction! Thank God I have never been drawn into a particular obsession of some materialistic item, although pulling out my plastic money has become quite habitual! But of course, as long as I’m using it for a variety of items, I am excused!