Gel Polish vs Gels or Acrylics

Is gel polish a ‘safer’, ‘healthier’ product for my nails instead of gels or acrylics?

NO. It is absolutely the same as acrylic or gel.

Most products nowadays undergo thorough and rigid testing by the departments of health in the countries of manufacture or sale. I always go with products that are from serious companies, mainly German or American, with containers that are labeled and numbered. I tend to stay away from products being sold directly from Asian countries, as their laws of health and safety are way different to ours. It doesn’t mean that all products manufactured in China are bad, many reputable countries get their products manufactured away from home, but… they are done according to the company’s specifications and abide by the strict rules of the USA and Europe.

So, my golden rules are, go to someone who is well qualified, certified and recommended and make sure she/he uses a branded, labeled product. Serious nail techs and beauticians take pride in their work and are not interested in buying cheap rubbish over the Internet. They invest money in their training and education, attend regular seminars and love the products they use.

So long as the above is followed, the application of enhancements of any sort to your nails is as dangerous as the application of hair dye to your hair.