5 Accessories Men Should Wear More Often

When I was a child, I remember my father dressing up to the nines to go to the office, church or to meet his friends. His tie always had dimples, his trousers were always pressed, and his hands were always glistening with gold rings.

But as time’s gone by less men bother with dressing well and most just throw on a pair of skinny jeans (even though the men themselves might not be skinny…) and just think that ‘swag’ will cut it.

I beg to differ, however, and as a woman who has always valued class and style above all else, here are a list of five accessories men should really wear more often.

Cufflinks: In the past, cufflinks used to be another way of showing off both your style and your wealth. The two little ends adjoined by a short chain just made any shirt look fantastic and gave the man a bit of an understated edge. If you’re not into gold, there are stainless steel and wooden ones now, too. Be careful, however, don’t buy those ludicrous Paul Smith ones with naked chicks on them. They are just vile.

Bow-ties: Most men I know place ‘wearing a tie’ as the number-one reason why they hate weddings, and I just don’t get it. I can imagine that they are not the most comfortable of accessories, but can straight men be so blind as to not see how smart a tie makes them look? And, if a tie makes that much of a difference, imagine what a bow tie, with its seniority connotations, would do!

Hand Fans: I’m not talking about an ‘imrewha’ but rather about a ‘palju’. My father always carried one in the summer and he never had to resort to flipping menus away to keep the heat at bay. Men are quite unlucky in that fans are usually associated with women, but a nice hand fan for men will help you look and feel cool.

Rings: A lot of men still wear rings, but rings need to be worn with style. Most men who wear rings go for really cheesy or ‘ħamalli’-looking ones. Although I don’t think that jewellery should only be made of precious metals, a man with one (or a couple) of gold rings that are not too in your face is a man worth marrying. To get it right, think of the older generations from Ħamrun and Ħal Qormi – in my opinion, they got their ring-wearing skills super right!

Canes: Yes, I know you’re not old or crippled, but have you not seen the Great Gatsby? A cane with an ornamental head can make an outfit, and will definitely get you noticed. AND if you’re worried that people might make fun of you, don’t forget that you’ll have a cane to beat them with. YOLO, or whatever else you youngsters are saying today!

Do you agree with Evelyn? Would the guys out there wear these accessories? Would the ladies be okay if their guys wore these accessories? We’d like to hear from you!