“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” Carl Jung.

We think of someone, then hear from them, even seconds later, by a phone call or an e-mail.

When we need something, or someone, a solution appears. What have you noticed and thought to be co-incidence?

We “ask” for something and someone connects to offer that?

There are always signs in life which we either see, or don’t notice, or ignore. What if we start looking out for the signs? What if we listen to, and act upon, our intuition (for a change)?

The most clear sign I ever received was waking at 5am and seeing, as if for real, a business card with my name and Life Coach written on it. I took this as a sign, and stored it in my memory. A few months later, I found myself taking a table at a Mind Body Spirit show, which I only found by chance (synchronicity) the night before, through a small ad in a local paper at a friend’s house in England.

At the show were fliers of some exhibitors. One caught my eye… “Life Coaching Course – special price offer”. The second sign was given to me. I took the course and qualified as a Life Coach. I could not ignore it.

When we open ourselves to love, we meet people on a similar path. So many times I talk with a new friend, to find we both work with Reiki, for example. We meet people who “vibrate” at the same level. It is no co-incidence.

Keep a journal and write down the synchronicities which you see in your life. You will be surprised how often they will occur.