On the Job

How understanding are your parents?

Probably not as understanding (or creepy) as the Philadelphia parents who recently put an ad up on craiglist, asking for a ‘sugar baby’ to accidently bump into their eighteen year old son at a concert and take his virginity (presumably during one of the more boring songs.)

And that’s not all. The chosen applicant will need to be ready to spend the summer with the son teaching him all the different positions and techniques that she can before he goes off to college. Then she is to ‘let him go gently.’ According to the parents he will then be confident enough to really throw himself into college life (that’s my kind of course) and date girls once he gets there.

In return the parents promise to make any ‘financial issues’ that the girl might have just ‘disappear.’ (Like their son’s dignity should he ever find out).

There has been a lot of criticism of the advert, with some saying that basically, the parents are asking a girl to prostitute herself for their son.

Others are saying it is just a way of showing love, and it is just an example of parents knowing what their child needs and taking action.

A bit like when my parents bought me slippers for my birthday.