Interview with Francesca Zarb

Where do you live:- Mosta

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Capricorn

Main occupation:- Student

Media-related occupation:- Singer, Presenter

Francesca’s interest in the performing arts led her into the presenting career. Due to her debating skills, she was offered a post as a presenter in October 2006. Consequently, her career grew further as she started comparing on the national television station, TVM.

While working with TVM, the company asked her to host the Junior Eurosong twice in a row, as well as to read the votes of the international festival two consecutive times.

Additionally, Francesca has also hosted the Kids Carnival Show at Valletta in 2010, 2011 and in 2013 as well as the Xagħra carnival in Gozo in 2013. She has been hosting the Ghanafest Kids Section held annually at Argotti since 2008 and in 2013 she was also privileged to host the main stage for the whole duration of the festival. She has also hosted sections of ’Oħloq Tbissima’ (a fundraising marathon) annually since 2008. 

One of her career highlights was when she sang in a live concert in honour of HRH Prince Edward KG GCVO in November 2012. She has hosted many activities around Malta and Gozo and appeared in numerous TV shows as a guest singer or panel member.

What is your favourite time of the day to read and why?

I mostly prefer dawn and dusk because they provide me with the most subtle energy, yet I often keep a book in my hand-bag and read when I am waiting or in traffic. I often read before I go to sleep as well.

Do you think that because something is more expensive it is automatically better?

I believe time is the best judge of many things. One must simply embrace patience.

Do you collect anything?

I do keep all the newspaper or magazine articles I was ever mentioned in.

Describe the best moment you’ve had on holiday so far?

I love travelling, so I do revel in my memories of abroad. One of the best moments was with my friends when I went quad-biking in Manchester. I travel a lot with my sister and one of the best moments was when we watched the ‘’Military Tattoo’’ in Edinburgh when the Brits were celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. On my last family vacation we caught a sneak peak of the Para Olympics on our way to the Globe, but the best moment was surely visiting Leeds Castle in Kent. It was simply paradise on Earth.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?

My friend and I were at a buffet lunch and as she got up for her food, I asked the pianist to play ‘’Happy Birthday’’ for her. As soon as she arrived I was singing to the tune and many people joined in. She was stunned to say the least, as it was not her birthday that day nor in the near future.

How do you relax and get away from it all?

I love to meditate and get in touch with my senses by instructing my mind to switch off. It is not always easy and sometimes it doesn’t work, but I always try my hardest to leave it all behind for some time each day.

What sort of films do you watch?

I like action films mostly. Sometimes I do turn to romantic comedies when I just want to put my feet up and have a laugh.