Interview with Adie

Where do you live:- Gwardamangia/Pieta’

Status:- Married

Star Sign:- Aries

Main occupation:- Literacy Support Teacher

Media-related occupation:- Singer/Performer/Recording Artist/Songwriter/Owner at Island Dreams Records

ADIE is the winner of the MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll of Toni Sant for 2 consecutive years with her music video ‘Reaction’ and ‘Cry For You’ in 2011 and 2012. She was featured on Conversations Music Magazine – Special Edition – in the US and was interviewed live on Conversations Radio, US. Adie has reached No.7 on Malta’s Top Ten Charts on 89.7 Bay with her single ‘Cry For You’ in collaboration with notorious DJ Toby Farrugia.

After launching five singles, Adie has come back on the scene with her new single, ‘Feel’, a song that has captured great attention from the media locally and was also positively reviewed by music industry experts overseas, including the organisers of the UK Songwriting Contest. The single is pop/rock and it is a perfect upbeat and cheerful song for the hot summer months. Adie is currently discussing other important proposals offered to her after the launch of this single and its music video with international music stakeholders that are promising other very promising collaborations and work.

Recently, Adie has also launched her new project, Island Dreams Records, locally. It is a company that will offer a variety of useful services to all those who have a passion for music and the arts, as well as for those who wish to embark on a career in this field professionally. The company was a pilot study in 2010 and took off with Adie’s new singles launched at the time. Thanks to the company’s contacts, experience in the field and Adie’s own success, especially that of filtering through the international market, it is now aiming to pave the way and make it easier for young artists to get their product taken care of from A to Z and guide performing artists in the right direction.

How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

Singing has always been fun and came naturally to me. I was chosen to take part in various choirs at a very young age, both within and outside of school. I also took part in different festivals and talent shows which also gave me very good results. Two important events, that I will never forget in my life, made me realise that I truly nurture a passion for singing and music in general. These are winning an important National Karaoke, even before I actually started taking vocal coaching lessons, as well as being chosen to sing my very own original song, written and composed by me, as a supporting act singer of Italian VIPs – Scialpi, Luca Barbarossa and Riccardo Fogli – in Italy, at only 14 years of age.

How do you describe your songs?

My songs are mainly pop. However, since I like experimenting and giving people a different taste of me and my music, I also like complimenting other genres together with pop. In fact, I managed to launch singles that present a good dose of RnB, hip-hop, dance, trance, country and rock in them. This makes my music more unpredictable, and most probably, this is what the public and my followers look for and love in my music. Presenting the same type of material can get the audience, including myself, bored. So I try to keep myself and others on our toes, curious to know what’s next in line.

What direction would you like your singing career to take?

I would like to take my singing and music career wherever it decides to take me. In life I have learnt that what is meant to be, will be and sometimes, when we want something too much or you expect too much out of something, you might not only disappoint yourself but you might also lose that enthusiasm and love for what you’re doing. Obviously, I have a plan, goals and a direction, but this is a journey – you know where it starts, but you never know where it will take you at the end of the day because I do not have full control over it. It’s a risk I am taking and I am well aware of it, but I’d rather try and give my best rather than live with regrets. I am a person who truly lives her life to the full and I am certainly not regretting it considering that I have already surpassed certain expectations of mine.

What would you never buy?

A snake!! I feel that here is a trend going on lately where some people are buying snakes as pets. In my case, I would never dream about it, let alone buy one!

Do you worry about getting old?

Hmmm… how am I to answer this? It’s somewhat complicated to take a stand here. To be honest, I do not mind my birthday coming each and every year and in fact, my close relatives and friends know that I love celebrating it in style and with a big smile on my face, if and whenever possible, with the people who are close to my heart. Every day is a gift from God and I feel that I have to be grateful to Him. Having said that, sometimes it also crosses my mind that I do not wish to become too old, since many elderly people start suffering from a lot of different things. Like with objects, everything has its wear and tear. I also relate this with human life. It’s a fact that the older you get, the more limited you start becoming and so there is a tendency of becoming more dependent on others. I only know of a few lucky elderly people who are fit enough to continue living in their own house, keep themselves active and busy and who do not need to go to the doctor or to hospital often. God bless them and I truly aspire to be one of these lucky people – if God wishes me to stay as long on planet Earth! I do not like being a burden to others and I guess everyone wishes to remain young at heart and in spirit after all.

What is your greatest obsession?

Apart from music, it must be food. I simply love dining out because we truly have great restaurants and each has a different ambience. In this regard and where hotels are concerned, I think we are truly spoilt for choice on the Island. I like Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese and I also enjoy Maltese food. It’s so pleasant, enjoyable and very relaxing especially after I finish off my meal, as I do not need to wash the dishes and worry about the cleaning!