How To Look Picture Perfect

Dilemma – an important event, a great night out or a photo-shoot are coming up and you desperately need to look good in the many photographs that will be taken but you have no inkling on how to achieve that… Fear not … here are some easy tips that will help you look picture perfect!

Flawless Skin

First, make sure that you up your skin-care regime a notch at least for a week before your photo is to be taken. This will ensure that your skin looks more refreshed and glowing. Next, invest in a good make-up primer and apply this all over your face. Your make-up will glide onto your skin perfectly and it will also stay put and not melt or move around.

Next – add foundation! Choose a foundation which is a high definition foundation or a photo-ready foundation. Make sure that it does not contain a high SPF as this will make you look washed out in flash photography. Following this, add a concealer with a yellow undertone to cover any blemishes and/or dark circles.

Perfect Nose & Cheekbones

To create a perfectly shaped nose all you have to do is to apply a darker shade to the areas you want to look slimmer and a lighter shade to the areas you want to stand out. A broad nose will appear much slimmer if you sweep a darker shade around its sides and then use a lighter shade to accent its centre, whilst on the other hand, a narrow nose needs a reversed procedure to appear wider. A long nose would need a sweep of darker concealer around and between the nostrils and on the tip.


Take care of your brows (see my previous article) and set them with eyebrow gel.

Cheeks and powder

In order to create killer cheekbones, which will look amazing in photos, dip an angled fluffy brush into a bronzer and contour, contour and contour some more! Then, use a highlighter above your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Following all this, add some blusher (preferably a cream one) to your cheeks – always remember that flash photography diminishes colour A LOT so don’t be afraid to add that extra touch of colour, however DON’T GO OVERBOARD! – and top it off with translucent finishing powder.

The Eyes

Your eyeshadow depends on the look you are trying to convey via your photos. Personally, I prefer keeping the look as clean and natural as possible by finding the right balance between eyeshadow colour, liner and mascara. Also keep in mind that matte shades work better in photographs than do shimmery or glittery shades.

Fuller Lips

A happy medium for colour is needed on the lips so don’t go too neutral or too bold. I would suggest a light to medium shade of lipstick in a pink or plum shade, depending on your skin tone. Then, to make your lips look fuller, apply a dab of lip gloss ONLY to your bottom lip.

Finishing Up

Spray your face with a make-up setting spray. If you don’t own one, a light spritz of hairspray will work just as well.

If you have any questions do leave me a message and I will get back to you asap!