Our various relationships

I believe that we should use the word relationship to mean those various people with whom we share important aspects of our lives, male and female, and not just to reflect your close partner, if you have one. Now…

Who is your best friend?

Who is your best mate?

Who do you tell your most intimate secrets to? (are you discrete about your lover, or do you tell everyone?)

Who do you sleep with? – I said sleep. (To sleep with someone is not the same as having sex. Let’s get that straight.)

Who do you have sex with when you visit another region or country?

Who do you have sex with in your home town?

Who do you go on holiday with?

Who do you chat “more” intimately on Facebook with?

Who are you completely honest and transparent with?

Who do you dance with, go to theatre with, hang out with, etc?….

If the answer to all these questions is the same one person… fantastic. You probably have a deep, mind, body soul connection with that one special person.

The reality is that most people, even in couples, do not satisfy all their needs with just one other person, and indeed are usually incompatible in some areas. This can be addressed with discussion, but does not necessarily change anything.

How many significant relationships do you have? People will continue to find their various needs met from others who can satisfy what is missing. It has happened for years, and will continue….

Do you allow your partner freedom, or restrict your partner, even passively? Food for thought?

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