Interview with Jonathan Abel

Where do you live:- Mosta

Star Sign:- Aquarius

Main occupation:- Senior Presenter/Producer and Sales Executive at Vibe FM

Jonathan Abel has been living radio for 15 years, most of which involved waking up at 4am to wake up Malta and Gozo with his breakfast show, currently ‘The Morning Vibe’.

“Right now I love what I live for and living what I love best!“, stated JONATHAN ABEL in his introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What is the best thing in life?

Inner peace.

Do you worry about getting old? Why?

Only if that means I would have to depend on someone because of health reasons.  Otherwise if the energy levels remain high, I don’t mind it.

Are you a good cook? What is it that you cook really well?

Well, I haven’t invested enough time in cooking, but I can serve a complete, well-timed, warm English breakfast!

Would you buy an expensive car or would you rather have the same amount of cash in your bank account?

I’m a plan B kind of person, so I’d rather have the cash just in case!

Best advice ever given?

The best things in life are free and always look at the bigger picture!