Dos and Don’ts for Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are surely a must in your accessory collection this season. Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder whether my obsession with these bold and chunky necklaces is even healthy since I can’t seem to get enough of this trend.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help you fall in love with these necklaces as much as I am!

Dos for statement necklaces

Do experiment with different colours and styles. They are called statement necklaces for a good reason. This is your chance to express yourself through one piece of jewellery that explores so many different shapes and sizes.

Do consider the outfit you are about to wear. If your outfit is in itself a statement such as a dress with colourful Aztec printing, leave the bold necklace for when you go for a more simple and plain look.

Don’ts for statement necklaces

Don’t overdo it. Keep the rest of your look simple. Avoid wearing chunky earrings or bangles with a bold statement necklace. If you can’t cope with wearing just one accessory, try wearing small stud earrings and a simple, delicate bracelet. This way, the necklace will still attract the main focus.

Don’t let this trend define your style. The good thing about the statement necklace is that it comes in different varieties. If you’re more into the sophisticated look, you can go for something like the pearl collar necklace. If you think you can pull off the big, bold and colourful, go for it!

Be creative with your bold necklaces and get ready to turn some heads!