In Malta, moving out traditionally goes hand-in-hand with getting married; but isn’t it time Maltese youngsters started spreading their wings and leaving their nests earlier?

When I first moved out of my parents’ house I was 19-years-old, and I travelled all the way to Italy to study. The time I spent there was great, not only because I was living abroad but because I was living away from my parents. Of course sometimes living with your parents can be wonderful but, nevertheless, moving out was a fantastic experience that taught me so much I couldn’t have learnt under their roof.

So, here are some reasons why I sincerely believe that young adults should move out earlier than most of them currently do:

You Gain Independence: How many times do you do something that your parents deem to be ‘wrong’ and you get told that ‘as long as you’re living under my roof, you have to abide by my rules?’ At the age of 20, you should have enough sense to not be lawless, but you need to have the space to make mistakes and run wild, because whatever you don’t learn at this age, you will either never learn or it will be too late when you do.

You Learn The Real Value Of Money: A lot of young people complain that they’re always broke, and yet they have no bills to pay, they need to provide for no one but themselves (in most cases, anyway), and they are not paying off any major loans, except, maybe, for a car. When you move out you learn how to budget because, whether you like it or not, you will need to pay off that electricity bill, food doesn’t appear out of thin air and refill the fridge on a whim, and the Internet does not magically come out of the wireless modem for free.

You Learn That There’s A Time and a Place: Many young people think that they’re all grown up once they go to work because they wake up early, go to work, go home and then maybe head out with some friends – but life isn’t that simple! When you live by yourself you need to find time to cook, clean, buy groceries, do the washing up, and, well, the list never ends! And don’t give me that ‘I’m planning to be rich’ bullcrap… Once you are then you can hire other people to do it for you, until you do, you have to do it yourself!

You Can Invite Whoever You Want Over At Whatever Time You Want: Imagine the bliss of meeting a hot girl/guy and being able to invite her over to your house. Do most people under the age of 25 know what sex in a bed feels like these days (and I’m not talking about their parents’ bed)? On top of that, you can have get-togethers, get drunk until the sun comes up (NB: Always drink responsibly) and have a sleepover (or orgy) with 15 people – it’s your house and you can do whatever you want (heq-hum, as long as it’s legal, of course).

You Learn To Appreciate Your Parents: It’s all well and good when you find your clothes ironed, food on the table and a clean bathroom; but when you realise just how much work running a household actually is, and how many times your parents could have complained but didn’t, you will realise just how friggin’ lucky you are!


Do you agree? Did Evelyn forget something? Are you glad you lived at home until your late 20s or beyond? We’d like to hear from you!

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