Motorbike Safety

Drive Aware, Ride Aware

I’m sure we are all aware that the number of motorbikes on our roads have increased consistently for many reasons, among which are avoiding traffic, less fuel consumption, easier parking and so on…

There are also many risks – a bike has no seat belt, it can go up to very high speeds, less stability than a car as it has two wheels, and no exterior frame.

It is very important to follow all safety rules and regulations when considering riding a bike.

Here are a few pointers to follow. They may sound obvious but it is surprising how often some of them are overlooked:

  • Make sure you are fully licensed to drive a bike.
  • Before going for a ride, check that tyres, fuel, gears, brakes and front lights are all in working condition and do a proper maintenance check.
  • ALWAYS wear safety gear. The most obvious of these is a helmet. The helmet is the most important thing to wear while riding a bike. In case of an accident, your helmet will always protect your head from any severe head or brain injuries.
  • Appropriate clothing should also be worn, like a pair of jeans and a biker jacket, if not a full set of leathers. There is a wide choice available on the market.
  • Wearing leather gloves will also help with the grip on your bike handles/gears and a sturdy pair of leather boots are essential. These will keep your hands and feet protected.
  • Avoid riding your bike in very bad weather.
  • Listening to music with your headphones plugged into your ears while riding your bike is not a good idea at all. You need to have full concentration while riding and you won’t be able to hear anyone hooting behind you. This is a very dangerous distraction.
  • Make sure you always maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles in front of you.
  • Always follow and abide by traffic rules and regulations, never go over the speed limit. They are there for a reason.
  • NEVER drive a bike under the influence of alcohol, if you are tired, or feeling dizzy.
  • If you have a passenger with you, always take extra care.
  • NEVER text or use your phone while riding your bike. If it is that important, stop somewhere safe first.

Some accidents are caused by drivers, not motorcyclists. The motorcyclist is either not seen by the driver, or does not see him in time to avoid the crash. Make sure you give the motorcyclist enough space and never follow too closely. Make it a habit of always looking at your blind spot.

For drivers on the road- ‘LOOK TWICE AND SAVE A LIFE’.