Interview with Tricia Dawn Williams

Preferred name: Dawn

Age: 39

Star Sign: Virgo – “I am very Virgo – Perfectionist, honest, stubborn……  sometimes my perfectionism drives me mad, and other people too, but it is a vital quality to have at the top level of music.”

Where do you live? Naxxar, but I am from Senglea.

Occupation: Pianist (but I have a day job too)

When did you start to play the piano?

My father took me to piano lessons when I was six, and encouraged me to continue playing, even though the first few years were, to me, technical and boring and  I wanted to quit many times.

When did piano become your passion and career?

As I entered my teenage years, piano became my passion, I cannot remember a day when being a musician was not who I am but the big step was when I decided to focus on 20th century and contemporary music. Somehow, everything fell into place.

Which composers do you like?

Hungarians Béla Bartók and György Sándor Ligeti, Turkish Ahmed Adnan Saygun and many Americans like Henry Cowell, John Cage, John Corigliano, Douglas Knehans and Scott McAllister.

You played a recital in Hungary recently?

Yes, it was my dream to play Bartók in the concert hall of the Béla Bartók Memorial House in Budapest, his last residence. It was a wonderful experience, and I fell in love with Budapest too. I plan to return very soon.

Where else have you performed outside Malta?

Portugal, Les Invalides in Paris, various parts of Italy, Tunisia and I will be playing soon in Washington DC.

Why contemporary music?

Because it feels right for me. My passion lies in the unknown and unexpected. If I attend a concert I want to be surprised and that is the thrill of it.

What other music do you like?

Evanescence, an American rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas, with singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

Dawn, is music a full time career for you?

I would love it to be … and one day it will.

Which musician inspires you most?

Young Chinese pianist Yuja Wang, although I’ve never seen her playing contemporary music.

What are your musical ambitions?

I plan to concentrate more on my solo recitals and collaborate with composers worldwide. I want to make people want to listen to contemporary music and enjoy it.

What would be a good night out?

Going to a good performance with my partner, Ruben Zahra, and a nice meal afterwards.

What is your daily routine?

I get up early, go for a run, then breakfast with a green smoothie or juice. Then I go to my day job, and spend the evening practising for about four hours.

So you are into healthy eating?

Yes indeed, I am vegetarian and I juice a lot too. My lunch might be lentil soup, salads, bean soup, raw foods and I like to cook recipies from China, Turkey, India and Morocco for interesting tastes. Occasionally I eat fish. Eating out is not easy though.

I am also passionate about the environment, and the need to make people aware of energy saving, conservation and care for our environment. If the roads were safer, I would prefer to ride a bicycle.

Do you love technology?

Yes, I am a “tech freak” and buy the latest gadgets!

Check out Dawn’s You Tube Channel:

And look out for SCIENCE IN THE CITY, her forthcoming recital of piano and electronic music in September.