Style and Comfort

definitely uncomfortable!

We’ve all heard the saying “we have to suffer to look good” – truth be told I’ve used it myself in passing jest, but is it really true? Must we sacrifice comfort for style? In my opinion there is no fixed answer to this question as it somewhat depends on who the person in question is. There are people who are uncomfortable in anything other than sports clothes and any shoe heel higher than two inches, whilst I have friends who wear four inch heels daily and swear to feel no pain or discomfort.

In this current fashion climate we can consider us lucky enough to be able to find many different options in the shops, especially were shoes are concerned. Gone are the days when flats meant trainers or beach flip flops; today there are some truly stunning elegant flat sandals and shoes for sale. I do love heels and I feel a heel can go a long way in lengthening your body and adding a touch of elegance whilst forcing you to stand up straighter. However, if heels aren’t really your thing, then you shouldn’t force them on; anyway, the discomfort will probably show on your face and body and distort the elegant image you are trying to achieve.

Moving on to clothes… again, with all the options available for sale, I truly think it should be possible for nearly everyone to look smart and stylish whilst still feeling comfortable. If the occasion demands you ‘dress up’ and you hate dresses than go for long, flowing trousers in lightweight fabrics such as silk or chiffon, combine with a smart top – fitted if you’re on the petite side or even long and flowy if you’re taller. If you hate tight dresses, then don’t wear them! Wear a dress that it is only fitted at the bust and then flows and swishes around the rest of your body.

And now for makeup. I’ve heard women say time and time again “I hate foundation”. I firmly believe that this is because they haven’t found the right foundation. There are many lightweight foundations in existence that allow the skin to breathe, that are really not felt when worn… In my opinion, it is virtually impossible to feel discomfort from truly lightweight foundations unless a skin reaction occurs. Such a foundation along with a touch of blush, a coating of eyeliner and mascara is all you need to make a difference and look ‘more dressed up’.

Above all, remember fashion and style should never be seen as a punishment. If there’s something you really hate wearing then don’t wear it. Life’s too short to spend it feeling uncomfortable. However, if you like something but what you’ve tried feels uncomfortable, do keep yourself open to possibly looking for something similar from another brand that can give the same effect with less discomfort. Don’t close any doors!