The Boyfriend Factor

From jumpers to jeans, next time you can’t seem to find anything to wear, why not borrow something from your boyfriend’s wardrobe?

Ok, you don’t physically need a boyfriend or need to raid any man’s closet, but this ‘boyfriend’ trend is as effortless and comfortable it will ever get in the universe of fashion.

Don’t mistake oversized with boyfriend. The true boyfriend trend lies in typical male garments made to suit women, such as blazers which made their appearance on the runways back in 2010 and are still going pretty strong. The trend is all about wearing a size bigger than your actual size, giving you that slouchy and laid back look.

Just a word of advice, make sure to pair  any ‘boyfriend’ clothing  with more feminine accessories, such as heels, or more girly attire like a chiffon blouse unless you’re going for the hobo-look. Make it less obvious that you’re wearing a larger size by rolling up the blazer sleeves and your jean’s hems – you don’t want to seem like you’re swimming in your clothes either!

So, whether it’s a night out, or just a simple everyday casual outfit, I’m a firm believer that wearing something masculine and men-inspired, can make any women look powerful and sexy!