Interview with Melanie Kelly

Where do you live:- Moved to Haz-Zebbug last year

Status:- Married

Star Sign:- Leo

Main occupation:- Teacher of English language and literature at an independent school

Media-related occupation:- Producer and presenter

MELANIE KELLY started out her media career seven years ago with the production company, 4 People, and the TV programme, “Dopo”, with the tongue-in-cheek character of Miss Kelly. “It was quite a surprise, even for me, as I had never aspired to be on television. Everything just seemed to happen overnight and I feel I was drawn into it. I felt very comfortable in front of the camera straight away and loved the media world. I then started producing ‘On Bondi Plus’ and ‘ID’ until I formed my own company to produce ‘grls@wrk’ which is my favourite programme and production. ‘Starmakers’ followed the year after and that production was the toughest and busiest ever keeping in mind I was 6 to 7 months pregnant whilst filming it. Then last year I delved into reality TV, as I have always loved reality TV, and together with Natalie Muschamp we came up with ‘Quest’. It seemed to go down well with the audience and in fact at the moment I am working on the second season, stated MELANIE KELLY in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What is your favourite time of the day to read, and why?

Well, I don’t have much time to read with my job, television and family, so the only time I have is at night before I sleep, which I love, as that is my time where I lose myself in the story.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you own any?

Well, I do not have any tattoos, as I do not like having something permanent on me. When I see a tattoo I do not particularly think ‘oh what a nice tattoo when I see one’, but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion – so live and let live.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

Well, that would be my house – let us just say a lot and a lot and a lot! I love my shopping sprees in London too where the shopping bags do not fit in the car on the way back home!

What’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

Most definitely my partner asking me to marry him on our 7th year anniversary. We went to Gozo for the occassion and during dinner the waiter came with a plate covered with a silver cloche and underneath it I found a diamond ring. I cried for two minutes flat!

What was your biggest failure to date?

I consider nothing as a failure. Everything is an experience from which you learn and move on.

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

Well, 5 years ago I would have said clubbing, but my clubbing days are over! Give me a lovely evening sipping good aged wine and a scrumptious dinner any time! Far more relaxing, better communication and you do not wake up the next day with a throbbing headache :)