Nuts for Sale


What do you do when you really want something but cannot afford it?

You sell something to raise cash of course.

Like your testicles.

That is what Colombian poet Rafael Medina Brochero is doing in order to fund an upcoming (ahem) European tour.

But why? I hear you ask (in a high pitched voice). Well you see Brochero did not want a repeat of what happened last year during a tour of Bolivia when he ended up having to pawn his wedding ring because he had run out of money.

That was obviously very traumatic for him. Not traumatic enough for him to try to learn how to budget of course, but traumatic enough to push him to do the next best thing. Sell his balls to get to Europe.

The 52 year old is asking $20,000 for his family jewels (which is quite a bargain when you consider inflation) and has suggested that they could be transplanted into a sterile person or (I quote) “used to make soup.”

Like a chicken cube. But with more wrinkles.