Interview with Joanne Galea

As Winner of Face of Malta, how has your life changed since you’ve been awarded this title?

My life has changed in a good way since I won the Face of Malta 2013 title as I started taking more personal care by dieting and exercising more often. I have already experienced an increase in opportunities to work on photo shoots and I am sure that there is a lot more yet to come!

Does it take a lot of preparation to enter beauty contests – diet, grooming, etc?

Yes, it does take some time to be the best possible for the final night, especially some dieting to be more self confident, catwalk training to give the best possible performance on stage and other important preparations with regards to the look on final night  – hair, make-up and the evening gown.

What beauty tips can you share with EVE readers?

The beauty tip that I like to emphasize to readers is healthy eating! Junk food should be avoided to live healthily and most importantly remember this quote: ‘eat to live, not live to eat!’

What is your personal definition of success?

Believe in yourself! Always think positively and positive things will occur. Being negative in life won’t get you anywhere. Although one should work hard to achieve what you aim for.

…and is it destiny or hard work?

It’s hard work. You built your destiny by working hard for what you want to achieve.

Which celebrities/models do you admire?

I admire Belen Rodriguez, the Italian showgirl. I love her physique and sense of style. I also like Jayde Nicole, an ex-playboy bunny.

If you had to give yourself a title unrelated to physical beauty who would you be and why?

Miss Crazy!!! I’m a very busy person always going from one thing to the next in a frenzy although I can’t imagine myself without having anything to do! I hate being bored.