Interview with Nikki Zarb Cousin – Miss San Gwann

Name: Nikki Zarb Cousin

Status: Single

Occupation: Waitress

Locality you represent: San Gwann

Siblings: Brother and sister

Describe yourself in one word: Crazy

Why did you apply for Miss Malta?

Because it’s a new experience, and gives me a chance to try new things, and meet new people.

How do you feel that you have been chosen as one of the 12 finalists?

I feel lucky, and excited that I have been chosen.

Abroad, Which country did you like best?

Skiing in Milan

Which country do you wish to visit?

Bali or Thailand

Something you cannot live without?

My phone

A person you cannot live without?

All my family as one!

Stranded on an island. You can only take 4 objects. What would you take?

A book, music, clothes, food


Jessie J and Cameron Diaz

How did you enter the world of modelling? Age?

I started at 14, where I had entered a competition for London Shout magazine and I placed 2nd.

You won the lottery. What would you do with the money?

Travel the world

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Hopefully, with a stable job, married with kids.

Something that makes you angry.

Disrespectful people.

Who is your hero?

My mum.

Romantic dinner or clubbing?

Romantic dinner .. then clubbing after.

Morning or evening?


Wakes early or sleeps late?

Sleeps late and wakes early.


Dancing, reading, diving.


I have a toe ring, which I had done with my mum as a mother-daughter symbol.


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