The Dangers of Too Much Sunbathing!

pun intended

“Even sunshine burns if you get too much…” (Veronica A. Shoffstall – After A While)

Besides being a great source of vitamin D, the sun is beneficial for our mental health, making us cheerful on a sad day. The same can be said for work, it is beneficial for our mind, body – and pockets. However, the problem with too much sun is that you will get sunburnt, the problem with too much work is that you will simply burn out.

Finding a balance between having time for yourself and work is not easy to achieve, especially if you do not work flexible hours and if your work requires you to put in extra time to prepare material for the next day.

Everyday that you wake up is like pressing a repeat button; wake up, dress, get to work, prepare for work, leave, worry about work, sleep, repeat. We are left feeling exhausted, waiting for the weekend to re-energise ourselves and regain our focus.

Living for the weekend is what we end up living for. Very often, while waiting for Friday to come around, we push through other days of the week like they do not matter.

Finding time for yourself is crucial as working endless hours may be tiresome, especially if it is just a job and not a career that you love. Procrastination can easily become the rule of the day when every day that you get home exhausted, you tell yourself that whatever you have to do, you will do the next day.

When working at a job with, for whatever reasons, less than ideal conditions, awareness to avoid falling into these everyday traps is ever more so important. Try to make the most of the present moment by finding this elusive balance – take the necessary precautions not to get sunburnt!