I want to live Like… The Great Gatsby!

For those of you who haven’t read the book/watched the film – please do. It is tragic, deceitful, intense, and most of all, filled with gorgeous costumes and mesmerising décor!

Ultimately, that was the original reason why I wanted to watch the film. New York, 1920’s, it must be magical!

And it was! Designer, Catherine Martin, worked around the clock to re-create the art deco inspired interiors, with dazzling and lavish settings that represented this sophisticated decade. Ornate crystal chandeliers, marquetry flooring and a gold-filigree ceiling were used to decorate the vast ballroom, home to Gatsby’s legendary parties.

I now have this insane urge to recreate the 1920s with my own take on the style, so I have created a sample board to give inspiration. So if you are like me and adore the Hollywood sets of this era, here is how you can obtain it in your own living space with local buys!

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